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Sestrals Quilt

Sleep outdoors, comfortably.


Sestrals Quilt

Ultralight. Comfortable. Versatile.

Sometimes to move forward, you have to look backward. We were inspired by the blankets used by shepherds for decades to offer you a better, modern sleeping bag. A quilt is an open sleeping bag that allows you to sleep comfortably in a wide range of temperatures, no matter if you are a side, back or stomach sleeper.

  • Longer than most quilts: Allows you to cover your neck and head as temperature drops.
  • Wider than most quilts: Move and roll without creating cold drafts. Perfect for side sleepers!
  • Closed footbox: Makes really easy to keep the quilt in place.
415 g
+8 ºC
L / Regular
Top view of a Sestrals Quilt

Really easy to use.

We designed the Sestrals Quilt to be the most user friendly in the market. Sleeping in a Sestrals quilt is literally like sleeping at home.

In addition, the quilt can be pushed to its limit easily. Its open design and well-thought dimensions offers more layering options. Finally, 2 loops with plastic snap buttons allows you to close the quilt when temperatures are really low.

Detail of the snap button fastening system.

Not just a lighter fabric. A better fabric.

Using a lighter fabric to save weight is easy. But using one that is ultralight but strong, highly breathable, amazingly soft to the skin and eco-friendly is remarkable. That's exactly what we did with the new schoeller®-ftc fabric with ecorepel® finish.

28 g/m2
Finished weight
12 denier
100% nylon

Warm even when damp.

Climashield® APEX is the reference in thermal efficiency among synthetic fibers, keeping you warm even when damp.

  • Highly compressible.
  • Retains its loft after being compressed better than other synthetics.
  • Warmth to weight ratio: 0.024 CLO/(g/m2).
  • Available in weights from 100 to 233 g/m2.
  • Continuous filament construction, 100% polyester.
Climashield logo

Clean and dry, naturally.

ecorepel® technology provides a very high level of water and dirt repellence, without reducing fabric breathability, in an environmentally sound manner.

  • Water and mud repellent.
  • Ecological: biodegradable and free from fluorocarbons (PFC).
  • Wash permanent and abrasion resistant: finish last more than 30 washing cycles at 40°C.
ecorepel logo

Handcrafted in the Pyrenees.

As Tucas quilts are made one at a time in our workshop in the Pyrenees. When you buy an As Tucas quilt you don't get a sleeping bag. You get a unique piece of gear that you'll love, because it was designed, tested and handcrafted with passion.

Summer camping with a Sestrals Quilt

Temperature rating.

The limit comfort temperatures that we assign to the Sestrals Quilt, based on field testing are:

+8 °CAPEX 100
+2 °CAPEX 167
-4 °CAPEX 233
Winter camping with a Sestrals Quilt

Size Guide.

SizeUser heightQuilt length
M161 - 175195
L176 - 190210
XL191 - 205225
WidthShoulder girthFootbox girth

Values in centimeters

If in doubt, size up!

Weight Chart.

Regular width
Size+8 °C+2 °C-4 °C
Wide width
Size+8 °C+2 °C-4 °C
Regular widthWide width
Size+8 °C+2 °C-4 °C+8 °C+2 °C-4 °C

Values in grams. Weights may vary due to the materials and the manufacturing process.

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